How to Ferment and with Charlotte Pike

Heard about the buzz over kimchi? Come again? It’s a Korean vegetable dish and it’s just one of the many fermented foods we can all make to help our digestion and general health. We had a great day here learning all about Fermentation with award winning author and cookery teacher (and all round lovely person) Charlotte Pike. See more pics on one of the students’ blogs – Gill Eats.


Charlotte Pike is a graduate of the Ballymaloe Certificate Course and is a UK based food writer.

Charlotte’s fifth book, SMOKED, was published in May 2017. Her last book, FERMENTED, was published in Summer 2015 and was shortlisted for the André Simon Award in January 2016. Her first three cookery books, The Hungry Student Cookbook series, were published simultaneously in August 2013 won best series at the International Gourmand Awards in January 2014.

Charlotte has contributed to many cookery books and publications by writing recipes and food styling and occasionally broadcasts on food on BBC Radio. Charlotte’s recipes are simple, delicious and really work. Always keen to share her knowledge, Charlotte’s writing aims to inform and clearly instruct, and she also works as one of the UK’s leading Independent cookery teachers.