Conscious Leadership Workshop 15th May 2018

We are experiencing unprecedented change and uncertainty in life and in business. The effect on leaders is that many find themselves operating from a state of fear and unease, feeling buffeted from one challenge to the next, struggling to maintain a clear picture of the future for themselves or their business and often misdirecting their energy and attention.

But, what if there is a different way to be in business?

  • What if there is a way to maintain a sense of balance despite turbulence in the external world?
  • What if it is possible for leaders to act with decisiveness, confidence and assuredness which is not dependent on the answers being “out there” but instead comes from wisdom and a conscious awareness from “in here”.
  • What if together we could enable people to thrive in our businesses and society instead of just surviving?cropped-dsc_2805.jpg

Why is conscious leadership critical for business right now?

The way many of us are working is not sustainable for us, for our business or for society. Stress levels have never been higher which is down to an imbalance in the time, energy and focus we are putting into our business. There are so many priorities and not enough time to achieve them. Expectations from customers, suppliers and stakeholders are increasing but there is a lack people or resources to meet those expectations and the constant connectivity we have means we are less and less able to switch off and re-charge. There is also an imbalance between what we are taking (in terms of resources) and how we are replenishing.

What is the intention of this workshop?

This is an invitation to the leaders of today and anyone who has a sense that there is a different and more sustainable way to be in business. It is an invitation to explore leadership from an inside out perspective. To begin with “me” and expand awareness out to everyone (and everything) they connect with.

Why will this be beneficial to me and my business?

Becoming a more conscious leader will give you……

  • Clearer sense of focus and awareness to enable you to invest your time, money and energy in the right place at the right time
  • More confidence in your decision making
  • Stronger connections with others
  • Powerful insight and a deeper access to your personal wisdom
  • Enhanced personal satisfaction and well-being

What will the workshop look like?

Starting at 10am, it will not be a morning of learning “how to”, rather Susan Grandfield is invitating you to explore what conscious leadership is and what it looks like in practice. Through discussion, questioning, challenge, opening up to new perspectives and tuning into the inner landscape you will begin to experience what this means for you and your business.

Lunch will follow! £60 +vat includes the morning session, lunch and an opportunity to chat to other business leaders. Email me now to book!


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