Charlotte Pike’s return to Burmieston

Classes and Charlotte’s Kitchen Supper Club

Charlotte’s latest visit to Burmieston was another great success with tables of food made and eaten, conversations shared and lessons learnt.

I thoroughly enjoyed the salads course and hope to repeat those we made when we have groups to eat here in the future. You may wonder why bother going on a course when you can easily repeat a recipe in a book or online. Well I think it’s really all about depth – depth of knowledge ends up producing a depth of flavour. I have put the same ingredients together before but it never tasted quite like we produced in the class. Something to do with time well spent, and perhaps a bit of focus on the job at hand rather than doing fifty million things at once.

Focus seems to be a bit of a theme in my head at the moment, or at least a need for focus. That’s why I enjoy classes so much – it’s a space for me and you to just focus on one thing. The frustration, the joy, the result.

It was great to see the Barn working so well as a dining room. The delphiniums I had bought last year from the school plant sale have flourished amazingly and looked great along the table. I didn’t mean for there to be a blue and white theme  – the flowers and the napkins from Skinny la minx, but that’s what happened! All the feedback was wonderful and I’m looking forward to hosting another one soon. Please let me know if you would like to know more.

If you didn’t make it to her class or the supper club, see some of her recipes and other events at /  or follow her on Instagram and Twitter.