LEADER and Leaders 1

The Perth and Kinross LEADER programme is awaiting its first applications for the funding period 2014-2020. The deadline for a decision at the April LAG meeting is at the end of March and I want to get our application in then. Theoretically we could wait until the next meeting (3 months later) but that will push our opening back by three months too as we can’t start anything we want finding until we have been given the go-ahead. The cash will be really handy – it will mean we can buyer better fixtures and fittings and Scottish slates rather than Spanish or Chinese slates. We will always steer to maintain our environmental principles but less cash means more compromise so some help allows us to make better choices. It will also mean the project completes quicker as we won’t have to do it in stages. That means we will be open for business and open for idea harvesting for us and for our local community sooner.

As part of the application process we sent out a questionnaire to get an idea of people’s interest in what we are doing and what kind of things get them excited. I have to admit we initiated it as a tick-box exercise but the level of engagement and enthusiasm has blow us away, so thank you so much to all who did the survey. We really appreciate it! 

The application forms are pretty lengthy but I understand that hoops are necessary when you’re wanting public money so I’m ploughing through it. So fingers crossed – I’ll let you know how we get on.


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