Day 2- Goose 3

Yesterday I cooked two geese and today I have one left to do due to a freezer capacity issue.

I’ve been looking at other chefs’ recipes and I like the look of Jamie Oliver’s Spiced Roast Goose. As with most of his recipes, it’s going for the simple but tasty option. The spice mix is similar to Gordon Ramsay’s but using the individual spices rather than just the Chinese 5 spice. Before you make the spice mix work out how much you need. If you read the comments below, it will do for quite a few roasts. I had a clementine to hand so popped that in the cavity with some rosemary, garlic and a bay leaf as instructed. The roasted garlic that came out of the geese yesterday was AMAZING! I squeezed the beautiful white sweet flesh out of the skins into the stock (because I’m not making gravy this time) but had to lick my fingers every time it was so good.


I will be making gravy on Friday though and I love the idea of making the stock in the tin under the bird while it cooks in the oven. The oven will be a mess anyway so I suppose why not go the whole hog (or goose) and use all the space and heat in one place.

My one problem is seperating the fat from the juices. It’s not as easy as ‘skim it off the top!’ I’m obviously not the first person to grapple with this so here are some ideas. Do you have any nuggests of wisdom on this?

Back to the bird – I’m not going to follow Jamie’s cooking times and temperature. I’ll stick to what I started yesterday as suggested by Hank Shaw – here is another link to the same recipe but in a different article. The science of it appeals and I’m pretty convinced I cooked the legs for too long yesterday. So today I actually checked the bird after 30 mins and the breast was already at temperature. It’s pretty pink though I have to warn you! I need to get over my reluctance to rest the meat – it will still be ‘cooking’. The legs were at 60 degrees C when I cut the breat off so I’ve put the carcass back in the oven for another 20 mins and will then check to see if they are 70 degrees C or over. If they are that means the bird has only been in the oven for 50 minutes – that’s a lot less than I would have originally thought it needed. It works out at only 10 minutes per lb!


Well it’s out now and resting. Colour is nice but not as brown as yesterday; so if I was serving it today I would happily sear it further, crisping up the skin and getting the breast meat a little less pink.

And finally – what will I be serving with the final bird? I made some Earl Grey Apple Jelly thanks to Diana Henry and some cranberry jelly thanks to Mr Oliver. If I manage to fight against all the other people in the shops today I will get some more cranberrys to make Darina Allen’s cranberry sauce. And then fall over! (Only joking – I’m planning on sitting down permanently for the next 48 hours 😉

Merry Christmas to you all


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