Weather watching

My aunt came to stay over the last couple of days and remarked about how often I looked at the weather app on my phone. It made me realise just how dependant our day to day activities and planning are on what the sky is doing. Yes of course everyone’s life is to some degree, but out here it’s the precursor, the backdrop, the context, the driver, the decider of well nearly everything!

We had such lovely sudden snow that stuck for a while. Long enough to get the sledge out. The geese seemed a little confused by it all and didn’t move around much, nor did the chickens. The dog celebrated every flake, jumping in circles to catch them.


First it was grey and white and black and all the shades inbetween and then the sun came out.

All that light, from above and bouncing off from below pulled me outside. It certainly wasn’t warm but it felt life affirming, joyous. Everything was so quiet, except for the crunch under my boots.

That was yesterday. It’s all gone today – our burn is a raging torrent instead. The weather forecast said we should get temperatures up to 11 degrees celcius but that certainly didn’t happen. The melt allowed the builders to come back though, always a good thing! We didn’t get the winds we were forecast either – again welcomed for the builders’ sake. I am now watching for the next dump of rain expected at the weekend. We have trees to plant and more ordered but the ground is saturated. Just planning it all will keep me on my toes!

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