The Packaging Conumdrum

We have 20 lovely geese who have been excellent lawn mower substitutes. Well even tractor subs to be honest. They aren’t as fond of nettles as I would like but in the main, our maintenance concerns have reduced – particularly with all the rain we have had. They keep eating regardless of the weather! If I had the time I would love to work out the carbon emissions we haven’t produced. Their diet has been supplemented but only by mixed grain from Gloagburn Farm – 10 miles away so their footprint is pretty small.

And yet it will soon be time to say goodbye to most – hopefully 20- of our feathered work mates as we dispatch them to Christmas tables across the UK. (Get in touch if you would like one!)

Packaging can be quite the emotional driver. A friend texted me recently with “IKEA packaging is AMAZING!” while Tesco hit the news with their 24 place setting in 26 boxes fiasco. I recently received a metal glass cutter, about the size of a large pen, in a box big enough to fit a lunchbox. So when I or a courier delivers these geese I can’t disappoint my customers with inapporpriate packaging i.e. environmentally insensitive or just too much.

What to do? Well for my local deliveries I will be using boxes from Norfolk Geese. The slightly longer length of a goose means that your usual turkey box for example wouldn’t do. This box is cardboard, sturdy and recyclable.

Yet for the goose that needs to travel, it will also need to stay cold. And this is where I have found a very interesting supplier. The product (and many others) are made by Woolcool. My first impressions are of a company with a great ecologically aware idea for a product, a very sharp logo and excellent customer service. They couldn’t help me directly (I didn’t need a pallet at one go!) but they directed me to 3r Sustainable Products, who couldn’t have been nicer. So what have I ordered? Well one of these

WOOLCOOL_BOX-SET_FOODbut in a shape particular to a goose with a wrap around wool blanket to keep it at a constant temperature. Did you know that wool fibres are hygroscopic (nice word!) which allows them to insulate products at a constant temperature.

For the boxes that will just be cardboard and I will deliver directly we will be adding in some of these Sorbafreeze sheets.


They are much lighter and smaller than typical ice blocks meaning less packaging needed and the clever polymer inside doesn’t melt, so no soggy bottoms or spoilt products.

It’s my first time using any of these so I am quite excited to see how they do. The companies behind them seem dedicated and true to their green credentials so I hope it’s the beginning of a long lasting relationship!


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