Hard work?


26th August, 2014

I started ‘work”, proper work today. Yes we’ve done a few bits and pieces around the place but today felt like things really began. Never mind the fact it was at 5pm. I suppose that’s what comes with working for yourself? Olly had been at it all day while I dealt with car issues, food shop, school run etc. And then I rolled up my sleeves to get the walled patch that bit further.

I knew it was 5pm as I had the radio with me listening to Radio 2 at the Edinburgh festival. It’s so quiet up here (when the cows and the child aren’t shrieking) I need some kind of a background buzz. So I put my back into it to clear all the nettle roots. Uncle Al had already strimmed them within a coupe of inches of the soil. I just needed to clear it to see what kind of floor was on this patch. Is it cobbles? Hard earth? Neither? There’s certainly something solid underneath about 15cm of soil and nettle roots. I chickened out after trying to start in the corner. I did find a Chinese tea pot without a handle. I moved over to where the old water source came in and I forked and I hoed and pulled at the lumps of stone with my hands. The sweat was pouring, the coat and scar long gone. And then there was a time check on the radio – I’d zoned out for a while. It must be near 6? Need to start dinner? No it was 5.14. 14 minutes of work and my back and arms ached and I had gotten about half the way down the soil in an area the size of a Belfast sink. (Does that reference make me very middle class?) I’m going to be made of steel by the time this patch is producing!

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